but many of you reading this may have the gift of giving (Romans 12:8) which  tells us that if giving is your gift, give generously. The Vision Team is about those who want to strategically give above and beyond to significantly fuel God's Kingdom forward!  We have a large and exciting opportunity that is outlined in the 6 goals from our "NEXT" vision below.

As people generously give to the NEXT fund, it will allow us to


· Help CE/local people in need by initiatives like Christian counseling scholarships & crisis assistance

· Campus improvements to strengthen local ministry

· Bigger investment in CE ministries such as Kid Experience and Student Experience


· Add at least one additional CE campus

· Multiply ourselves by helping start a brand new church plant in Miami (we desire to help by sending missions trips, financial support, and more)

· Help people in need through building our Compassion Fund (used for things like Serve Our Cities events, disaster relief, and helping the poor)

Initial Kingdom Investment Goal (through December 31st, 2020)

$100,000 (a $50,000 matching gift has been committed and is pending if we give at least $50,000 designated to NEXT by December 31st)

Additional 3 Year Kingdom Investment Goal (January 2021 – December 2023)


We are asking those who are interested in joining the Vision Team to give at least $2,400/year above and beyond their regular giving ($200/month) designated to the "NEXT" Vision Fund and if possible to give that first annual amount by Dec. 31 to allow us to meet the full matching gift (up to $50k) that has been committed by an outside businessman. Some may not be able to stretch to that amount especially right now, but others have the ability to give far beyond the $2,400. God knows the need and is in control. We are simply asking you to pray about being involved and at what commitment level. Not everyone may be able to join the Vision Team, but we are hoping everyone can at least participate in some way in the NEXT fund which will impact many lives going forward!

You can get more information on joining the Vision Team by contacting Robert Driggs on his cell # at: 561.504.0196. You may also begin giving to God through the NEXT Vision Fund at the link below.