Are you passionate about helping people feel welcome?  From the moment someone drives onto our parking lot to the time they leave, our Frontline Ministry greets, serves, and connects with each person and helps them to have a great experience with us!

Our Frontline Ministry consists of six Serving Teams:

PARKING TEAM: We welcome people as they drive onto the campus, direct traffic, and ensure safety in the parking lot.

VIP GREETING TEAM: We treat every first-time guest like a VIP, answer questions, and make sure they can find their way to the auditorium or kids check-in area. We also welcome guests, answer questions, and pray with people at the Red Carpet area after each service. We welcome people as they arrive for the service, offer free cold water bottles, and greet people as they exit following the service.

USHER TEAM: We help people find a seat as necessary and assist in various ways during the service.

HOSPITALITY TEAM: We provide coffee, cookies, and other drinks for people to make them feel at home.

SAFETY TEAM: We help people feel comfortable by keeping an eye out for issues related to safety and security.


You can be a part of our Music & Arts team that supports all worship services and events at CE.  There are places to serve for all skill levels - from novice to expert - in audio, lighting, video, photography, musicians, singers, dreamers, artists, and so much more!  If you are willing to give of your time and abilities we would love to have you join one of these teams!

WORSHIP TEAM:  The team of musicians and vocalists trusted each week to create an environment of excellent and authentic worship.

TECH TEAM: The team of people responsible for sound, lights, and media in each service.

VIDEO TEAM: The team that creates, edits, and prepares videos for the weekly worship services.

CREATIVE TEAM: The team of people responsible for dreaming up and executing the creative elements of each service (videos, graphics, stage designs, and creative elements in the services).


BE A GROUP LEADER:  Serving as a group leader may be one of the greatest and most life-giving adventures of your life! You will see God use you to help create a community that leads to lives being changed and lasting relationships being formed.

LEADING A GROUP:  Leading a group was one of Jesus Christ's roles as He engaged in ministry on earth.  He intentionally recruited and developed a dozen people, and after investing a few years with them, that group went on to change the world!

HOST A LIFE GROUP:  If you are interested in pursing the challenging, yet highly rewarding role of group leadership, we'd love to talk with you!  There are also opportunities to host a life group at your home or business.


Some people grew up in a home where mom and dad would drag the kids to church. Through providing a fun, inspiring, and safe environment for children, we hope that parents find their kids dragging them to church!


We love kids and the opportunity to invest in the next generation! If you have a passion for making a lasting difference in young lives, this is a fulfilling and highly rewarding ministry opportunity! We have an excellent Kid Experience team of well-trained, background checked, fun-loving, caring, and amazing people! We’d love to have you join us as we impact the next generation together!


There are at least three opportunities to be on a Serving Teams in the Kid Experience Ministry: 





At each service, these teams provide opportunities to serve in the nursery, with young preschool age kids, and with elementary age kids. We also have a Check-In Team that welcomes kids and parents while also providing a safe and secure check-in experience for families. There are few things in life more rewarding than investing in future generations and teaching them about Jesus!


Students are in such a transitional season of life and having godly, caring, and positive adult role models makes such an impact!  We get to invest in the next generation through serving middle school and high school students.

Students have fun together and build positive friendships, while learning what it means to genuinely follow Jesus.  Other events and activities occur as well.  Adult and young adult leaders are valuable coaches and mentors in the lives of our students!

If you want to have a great time making a lasting difference in the next generation, Student Experience is a great place to serve in ministry.


In order to see more people experience life in Jesus Christ, a lot of important work needs to happen that most people will never see.  Thanks to an amazing team of talented and committed individuals, weekly activities occur such as; social media tasks, administrative tasks, phone calls, finances, graphic design work, preparing mailings, scheduling activities or people, planning events, and much more!

We have opportunities to serve on our operation teams:





Two of our largest and most important teams are our Set-Up Team and Break-Down Team.  Showing up early or staying late to help the cause is an encouragement to the rest of the team and provides a great chance to get to know others at Church Experience!


You can use your gifts and talents to serve God by serving others!  You don't have to travel far to make an impact!  There are always serving opportunities for you, your family or your Life Group to help those in your community! 

The Outreach and Causes Ministry invest their effort into planning and preparing for opportunities for Church Experience to serve in our local communities and around the world.  We're also passionate about helping start new churches that impact their communities with the love of Jesus around our country and around the world!  Whether planning for future missions trips to help start new churches, serving in your local community, or helping those in need, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!  If you're interested in serving in this capacity, we'd love to talk with you about being involved on this team!