CE Network

Church Experience is "one church with many experiences" and we have an inspiring model of ministry with our various CE campuses!  However, CE felt led to partner with additional pastors and churches that are not able to or not yet in a position to join Church Experience as an established campus, yet want to benefit from some of the amazing resources, coaching, and community provided by Church Experience!


Any church that joins the CE Network remains fully autonomous retaining their own name and 501c3 and can leave at any time, but may also apply to merge their church organization into CE as a ‘campus’ in the future with even greater benefits.  Our hope is to provide so much value that this is a long-term ministry family in some capacity for every pastor and church that joins the CE Network.


When a church joins the CE Network, they gain access to many valuable resources listed in the PDF overview below, a great community of pastors, and coaching to help build their ministry toward greater Kingdom impact!  The expectations listed in the PDF overview below also help us to advance God’s Kingdom together!


If you have reviewed the PDF above and would like to learn more or apply to be a part of the CE Network, please fill out the form link below and we will reach out to you!