Our server should work on any smartphone, tablet, or PC computer (won't work on a MAC).  Also, gaming systems like Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch were not made to access private multiplayer servers, so you would need to use one of the devices listed above to play on our server.

We have a designated Minecraft Server called "Church Experience".  We'll provide the IP Address and Port # so you can add this server to your Minecraft game and search our custom made Minecraft world!  

Steps to join our CE Easter Egg Hunt

1. Create an account on Minecraft (XBox/Microsoft account) 

2. Once you are logged in to your Minecraft account, click "Play"

3. Click on "Servers"

4. Click on "Add Server"

5. Type in the 3 following pieces of information:

Server Name: churchexperience

IP Address:

Port #: 25611

For tech support: office@churchexperience.tv  or  727.304.5855

Expect to have a lot of fun with your Kid Experience friends and others who may join our Minecraft world!

PARENTS: Please ask your kids to not create/write anything inappropriate in our Minecraft world as there are other young children that will be enjoying the game together. We are monitoring our Minecraft world and have put some controls in place including the ability to ban players who create any problems. However, due to the public nature of others who can find this page/directions online, by choosing to add our CE server, you are agreeing that we are not liable for any inappropriate words or content that someone could create.