Interested in exploring the potential of a merger of your church into the Church Experience family?  

Church Experience is "one church with many experiences" and we have a unique and beautiful model for ministry!  Each CE campus has a Lead Pastor (primary preacher) that leads a local leadership team, envisions custom local outreach unique to that community, and decides how to implement Life Groups at that campus.  Seventy percent or more of the preaching is live from the local Lead Pastor while the remaining messages are delivered on video from our Central Campus (Founding/Senior Pastor, Brandon Bruce).  

We do many things together and our mission/culture/beliefs are fully aligned, but we also have unique aspects to each campus.  We are "one church" in every way, so a merger involves a full joining of ministries into Church Experience (legally, financially, strategically, etc...).  We have successfully completed multiple mergers.  

We would love to have a conversation if you're interested in exploring this possibility to maximize ministry locally while building God's Kingdom together globally!  Church Experience has much to offer with team member support, resources, experience, and a proven plan to build God's Church together!

To learn more, you may download the PDF below that lists out some of the benefits to being a part of the CE family!


Are you interested in learning more about the possibility of partnering together?  We would love to have an informal conversation with you to see if this could be a good fit.  If interested in the discussion, please complete the form below!